The Sleeping Beauty's 50th Anniversary - A Reflection by Veronica Tennant

As the curtain lowers on The Sleeping Beauty, we wanted to share with you a beautiful piece that Veronica Tennant, Celia Franca Society member and former National Ballet Principal Dancer, wrote about her memories of performing in this legacy production. We hope you enjoy her article, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the theatre this June for Swan Lake.

“Acutely aware of his larger responsibility to the art, Rudolf expected from us what he demanded of himself, he sought beyond perfection.”
– Veronica Tennant

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The war in Ukraine evokes a history of tension in the Russian ballet world:

CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER: A MEMOIR - In Memoriam: Christopher Plummer
Streaming February 24 - April 28, 2022

Sit down with one of Canada’s acting titans in this revealing look at the life and illustrious career of Christopher Plummer. Joined in conversation with award-winning filmmaker Atom Egoyan months before his passing, the Oscar-winning performer chronicles his extraordinary seven-decade trajectory, from his early acting days and influences in Montreal to The Sound of Music and some of his most memorable performances on screen and on stage. Filmed at Mr. Plummer’s home and on the Stratford Festival stage, where he first performed in 1956, this intimate memoir is a rare revelation of the wild and exuberant ride that is the actor’s – at least this actor’s – life.

View on Hot Docs:

Christopher Plummer ~ 1926-2021

Christopher Plummer was a truly GREAT actor on the world stage and screen, illuminating seven decades to current times with unmatched and searing brilliance! His profound depths of talent, craft, versatility, and wit — define the immortal power of his profession. Even more, he the consummate actor, personified our humanity holding up his unflinching mirror to our multiple complexities of soul. From the indelibly-etched memory (on a National Ballet School outing) — of witnessing Christopher’s mesmerizing Cyrano de Bergerac on the Stratford Festival stage — to these recent years with the inestimable privilege of serving as producer for his passion-project: Christopher Plummer~ A Memoir, I cherish his inimitable style, panache and candour - his inspiration, his legacy, and his friendship.

Veronica — February 5, 2021


Streaming Presentations: – Hot Docs at Home December 30th 2020 to January 29th 2021

Special Event Screening: – Hot Docs Ted Rogers Theatre, Toronto May 16th 2019

World Premiere at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, November 19th, 2018. A fundraising event for THEATRE MUSEUM CANADA.

© 2018 Theatre Museum Canada


: This freshly completed film covers the extraordinary trajectories and achievements of the life and career of Christopher Plummer - one of our greatest living actors. In candid conversation with Atom Egoyan, we hear about Mr. Plummer's earliest influences in Montreal, (with his family’s own historic heritage), and his unparalleled and continuing life in the theatre and onscreen. Filmed at his home, as well as on the Stratford Festival Stage, Christopher Plummer's story is richly illustrated with an impressive array of his multiple roles demonstrating his versatility, and his interactions with an illustrious cast of theatre and film icons. And the journey continues! Christopher’s personal ‘take’ on the panoply of his experiences, makes for an engaging and downright rollicking ride!

Brian Robertson is the film’s Executive Producer/Producer and Veronica Tennant, Producer - With grateful thanks to Nona Macdonald Heaslip, for her inestimable contribution to Theatre Museum Canada.



It's that time of year again! The Curse of Clara will be broadcast on CBC, Saturday, December 19, 2020, at 7:30 pm ET, and again
on Christmas Day, Saturday December 25th at 11:30 AM ET


Website: The Curse of Clara


In this delightfully heartwarming holiday tale, Vickie, a small-town girl, is accepted into the prestigious National Ballet School in Toronto, and lands the coveted role of Clara in the Company's annual production of The Nutcracker. Things look like they couldn't get any better. And they can't, because that's when Vickie finds out about the mysterious "Curse of Clara". According to local legend, the young girls that star in the production almost never go on to become professional ballet dancers. Thankfully, she has a good friend, the 1972 Summit Series, and imaginary mentor Phil Esposito to keep her "on pointe".

Production Summary:

Inspired by the autobiographical short story "The Curse of Clara or My Big Fat Disappointment" by Vickie Fagan, the special is set against the backdrop of the 1972 Summit Series, a Canada-USSR showdown that shaped hockey history. The special stars Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees Phil Esposito, Bob Cole (Hockey Night in Canada) and National Ballet of Canada Prima Ballerina Karen Kain as themselves with Sheila McCarthy (Little Mosque on the Prairie, Emily of New Moon) as narrator, Sara Botsford (E.N.G., Legal Eagles, Still of the Night) as the ballet mistress and Saara Chaudry (Max and Shred, Degrassi) in the roles of Vickie and Clara.

THE CURSE OF CLARA: A HOLIDAY TALE is produced by Smiley Guy Studios in association with CBC, and with the participation of the Canada Media Fund. Executive Producer is Jonas Diamond (Odd Job Jack, Guidestones). Producers are Veronica Tennant (Vida Y Danza Cuba – Life & Dance, Celia Franca: Tour de Force), Vickie Fagan (Toronto Biographies, Adventures in Breathing), Jeremy Diamond (Pillars of Freedom, Odd Job Jack) and Denny Silverthorne (Warren United, Wussywat). THE CURSE OF CLARA: A HOLIDAY TALE is written by Jeremy Diamond and Vickie Fagan and directed by M.R. Horhager (Chirp, I Hate You Red Light) and Mike Valiquette (Captain Canuck, Chirp).

Congratulations to The Curse of Clara for winning "Best Animated Program or Series" at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards!

CBC Article:

  BRENT CARVER~ Cherished Memories ~

Brent Carver has touched uncountable lives to their very pith—with his incomparable artistry fuelled unsparingly by his vulnerability, his profound depths of humanity. To hear that Brent Carver has left us was shocking and from collectively shattered hearts, the outpourings flood deeply, with tributes from around the world. They tremble, with tears and poignant smiles of personal, yet shared memories.
I have been caught up in the swirls of our exchanges going back 30 years, as fellow artists watching each other’s performances on our respective stages.
We had such a warm, admiring friendship.

And, when I made my transition from the ballet stage, Brent was always, always there. He was ever ready to risk, so generously adventurous, making stellar appearances right at the start of my second incarnation—for television, Salute To Dancers For Life; Margie Gillis: Wild Hearts in Strange Times; A pairing of SwanS; and onstage with Timothy Findley for the Dreams Come True Gala at the Princess of Wales Theatre. In his emails to me he uses the word generous over and again, don’t we know that it was Brent who defined generosity!

And then NIÁGARA ~ A Pan American Story ~ I can’t count the number of animated conversations that consumed us about NIÁGARA, right from its embryo planning. Brent took a passionate–(almost character identification)—interest in discovering José María Heredia, the exiled 20 year-old Cuban Poet, Revolutionary, Abolitionist who in 1824, fled for his life. He wrote his immortal Ode to Niagara Falls seated right on the precipice and to this day, his poem is taught to Cuban school children, as a seminal part of their heritage! Brent was at every phase of Peter Lamb’s and my creative development, infusing us with advice in an early workshop long before we were given the commission by PANAM. And he committed completely to the production itself. With angelic song composed by John Gzowski, he gave mystery and deep beauty to the soundscape. You can hear his unearthly, heavenly voice on our sizzle reel on

I have always believed that Brent was of the Angels, and we were blessed to have him with us, too briefly. He has touched us in a way that has to be unprecedented! This is our resounding realization as we forever share, our acutely personal and collective memories of the incandescent Brent Carver.

~ Veronica Tennant, C.C., August 14th, 2020

Canadian icon to headline Women in the IT Channel Luncheon

"Veronica Tennant, C.C., has reinvented herself many times since she danced as Prima Ballerina with The National Ballet of Canada with luminaries such as Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Tennant has garnered acclaim as a filmmaker and producer, written two children’s books and has served as one of Canada’s National Ambassadors for UNICEF since 1992.

Almost a decade ago she shared the story of her life’s journey during an early CDN Women in the IT Channel Recognition Luncheon. On Aug. 20 as part of 10th-anniversary festivities, she’s returning to speak again – virtually this time – to update us on the last decade.

"She was such an inspiring speaker that it seemed appropriate that we should check-in and see what she has been up to,” said Luncheon Chair and ITWC President Fawn Annan. Fitting for the celebration, Tennant’s presentation will focus not just on her career but on the way technology has changed the presentation of the arts in Canada."

Full press release:

Return to OSAKA Japan ~ for the first time since, EXPO70!

Visiting Japan and dancing Romeo and Juliet with the National Ballet of Canada at Expo70 in Osaka and - falling in love with Japanese culture, holds many special memories which were recently rekindled by - the discovery of a handwritten diary chronicling that magical experience, and with a first trip back in close to 50 years!




To come!~ a second diary with images of Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo today!

"In honour of Karen Kain's 50 years with the National Ballet of Canada, Karen Kain: Dancing in the Moment, a film written and produced by Veronica Tennant, C. C., was shown at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema in September. We invite you to explore Ms. Tennant's wide-ranging catalogue of films on her website, featuring our laureates from several disciplines. How many past recipients can you spot throughout the many trailers? You can see more about Ms. Tennant’s career in film going back to 1994."

"We encourage you to read the Mentorship stories we’ve published on our website. From our first mentor, Veronica Tennant, C.C., to several past proteges, including Ms. Majumdar and others, we’re proud to share stories of the experiences fostered through our Mentorship Program."

Excerpts: GGPAA Foundation's 2019 Holiday Newsletter

 September 18 – HOT DOCS & THE NATIONAL BALLET OF CANADA celebrated Karen Kain’s 50 years with the Company, with a special screening of Veronica Tennant’s International Emmy Award-winning film, Karen Kain: Dancing in the Moment for the CBC (1999). It was followed by a lively conversation between Veronica and Karen about their more than 50 year friendship dating back to student days at the National Ballet School, shared memories of their dancing careers and Karen’s future plans as Artistic Director of the National Ballet. In attendance in the packed house were, Ben Heppner, Rex Harrington, Ross Petty and George Anthony.


It's that time of year again! The Curse of Clara airing on CBC. Saturday, December 21st at ~11:30am ET in Saturday Kids' Block (Atlantic provinces, Quebec, Ontario, and B.C.) Wednesday, December 25th at 1:00pm local time November 24th, December 8th, 20th and 22nd in Windsor, check local listings for times.

CBC Books Sept. 12/18: 75 facts you might not know about Michael Ondaatje for his 75th birthday

Fact #38 - "In 2004, Ondaatje, narrated and wrote the screenplay for the TV movie Shadow Pleasures. The film was a one-hour performance film, a dance interpretation of Ondaatje's evocative poetry and prose, and was conceived and directed by Veronica Tennant."

Veronica in conversation with Noah Richler | The Walrus PIVOT podcasts

Author and cultural critic Noah Richler hosts a podcast about people who are fighting their way back from the edge — their battles, their triumphs, and the pivotal turning points in their journeys. From war photographers on the frontlines of war to novelists battling the “sophomore curse,” the thread that ties these diverse people together is the existence of a watershed moment that changed their stories—and their lives.


NUVO Magazine: ENCORE! DANCE HALL OF FAME LAUNCHES — Canadian dancers earn recognition.

Veronica Tennant will be inducted into the INAUGURAL Encore! Dance Hall of Fame on March 25, 2018.

The Encore! Dance Hall of Fame event will honour and celebrate dynamic lifelong contributions to dance in Canada by some remarkable individuals. Honorees are associated with many dance disciplines - from Kathak to ballet to modern. They include Veronica Tennant, Danny Grossman, Karen Jamieson, Joan and Jerry Lozinski, Ola Skanks, Rina Singha, Alan and Blanche Lund, Rene Highway, and Jeanne Renaud.

Presenters to the inductees include Evelyn Hart, Micah Barnes, Sheila McCarthy, Deepti Gupta, Louise Bedard, Seika Boye, Pam Grundy and Pierre Des Marais.

Prima Ballerina with The National Ballet of Canada for 25 years, Veronica Tennant, won hearts and accolades dancing with such luminaries as Erik Bruhn, Rudolf Nureyev  and Mikhail Baryshnikov. In 1989 she danced her farewell performance, with her signature role of Juliet, and a Gala entitled: A Passion for Dance - Celebrating the Tennant Magic. Now an award-winning filmmaker, producer/director, Veronica received the International Emmy for Karen Kain: Dancing in the Moment. For CBC she also created the Gemini Award-winning Margie Gillis: Wild Hearts in Strange Times, and Shadow Pleasures, narrated and written by Michael Ondaatje. Her Vida y Danza, Cuba was screened at the first Luminato Festival and Veronica was thrilled to collaborate closely with DCD on The Dancers’ Story, and Celia Franca: Tour de Force. The first dancer to be appointed as Officer of the Order of Canada in 1975, Veronica was elevated to the rank of Companion in 2003, the Order’s highest honour. As an inductee, Veronica Tennant has been named as Honorary Chair of DCD’s inaugural Dance Hall of Fame.

Website: Encore! Dance Hall of Fame

Inductee Video:



Celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards at Rideau Hall - June 28th 2017


This past Tuesday, Toronto’s most stylish commingled with The National Ballet of Canada dancers and staff for the company’s annual fundraising event, the Mad Hot Ballet Gala at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, which raised over $1.3 million for the company. This year’s rendition, entitled Northern Lights, was an ode to Canada’s 150th birthday and celebrated Canadian talents of the past and present, including Rex Harrington, Veronica Tennant, Frank Augustyn and Evelyn Hart. Canada wasn’t the only one celebrating a milestone anniversary, though: Greta Hodgkinson (who performed Nuages) and Xiao Nan Yu (who danced The Sea Above, The Sky Below) were marking their 25th and 20th years with the company, respectively.

The gala kicked off with a presentation of six diverse pieces, including classical ballet ones and those with a contemporary edge: SurgeTarantellaa Pas de Deux from CoppéliaNuages, a Pas de Deux from Le Corsaire and The Sea Above, The Sky Below. For the latter, principal dancer Xiao Nan Yu wore a red floral-printed-tulle dress designed by Canada’s own Erdem.

Full article:

climaxed a magical week of performances following our World Premiere on July 23rd, with two shows on the closing day of the PANAMANIA and the Pan Am Games in Toronto on July 26th 2015. It has been such a pleasure to work with editor, Tim Kirkwood on creating our SIZZLE REEL to post and share. We have distilled the footage - shot live in the Ada Slaight Hall at Daniels Spectrum – to 4 minutes. I salute our passionately committed performers; Rene Millan and Paula Rivera, along with Brent Carver and John Gzowski - and the supreme creative team - Astrid Janson, Cameron Davis, Jock Munro, and our brilliant playwright, Guillermo Verdecchia. A cheer too, to Keith Ellis.

Thanks and kudos must go to Producers, Peter W. Lamb, Leslie Haller, Peter Gentile and SOULPEPPER; and - to all Contributors, Sponsors and Audiences.

Veronica Tennant welcomes Margaret Atwood to World Premiere of  .

(July 23, 2015)

More photos available on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages:



, commissioned for the TORONTO 2015 arts and culture festival PANAMANIA, presented by CIBC, is inspired by PANAMANIA TO2015's theme of 'Aquaculture', celebrating the culminating year of the United Nations International Decade for Action - "Water for Life."

Live on stage: Jul. 23 - 26, 2015, Daniels Spectrum - 585 Dundas Street East, Toronto

Veronica Tennant & Margaret Atwood

is inspired by PANAMANIA TO2015's theme of 'Aquaculture', celebrating the culminating year of the United Nations International Decade for Action - "Water for Life".

Almost 20% of the world's fresh water supply travels through Niagara Falls.

In 1824 Jose Maria Heredia, a twenty-year old poet and revolutionary was exiled, forcing him to escape for his life from his native Cuba. A man of astonishing courage, not only did Heredia join a Secret Society for freedom from Spanish rule – demand the abolition of slavery - decry the Conquistadors' genocide of Cuba's Aboriginal peoples - but he was also an environmentalist!

Written on the edge of an enormous precipice on the Canadian side of the Falls, Jose Maria Heredia wrote a cathartic poem  which immediately immorta-lized him as 'The First Poet of the Americas'. It is studied and cherished to this day by every Cuban and generations of Latin Americans, who (along with the rest of the world), are compelled to visit Niagara Falls as a first stop in North America - taking on an almost cultural pilgrimage! For Canadians – while there is a plaque to Heredia at Table Rock - this cherished Cuban connection is a little known fact!

Poster: Scott Thornley + Company

Currently in creation by a superb roster of creators – will be a live experience, fusing dramatic text with a cast of 2 Actors; onstage musicians; and a wealth of recorded Cuban music with its unique African, Spanish and Aboriginal roots. Script-text will be in English and Spanish - (the predominant languages of the Pan Americas) - and Jose Maria Heredia's story will flash-back and forwards, in many vocabularies – exploring song, movement, film/video and audio/visual technology. Niagara Falls in Heredia's time was a gargantuan force of nature far more wild, crashing and overpowering than today's remnants (which, even so, draws 12 million visitors a year). Jose Maria himself will come alive; he spoke of "danger and awe", and described how the very rock where he'd sat, hurtled into the chasm as he rose to leave. In the poem's last line he also predicted that he would die "in a few years", and hoped some "kind traveller" might one day look upon Niagara and think of him! The extraordinary truth is that both came to pass! Heredia died in poverty of tuberculosis in Mexico at the age of 35, and his poem is cherished to this day.

is an iconic Pan-American story: What more apt time for this discovery to be imaginatively blazoned - than during PANAMANIA the Pan-American Arts and Culture program Toronto 2015?

Conceived and Directed by VERONICA TENNANT
Historian/translator: KEITH ELLIS
Creative Consultants, Cuba: LIZT ALFONSO, JUAN CARLOS COELLO,

: A project produced by:

Website -
Facebook -
Twitter - @to2015 #to2015
Instagram - toronto2015

Denise Donlon, Veronica Tennant and Paul Andre Fortier – at the 2015 Governor General's Performing Arts webcasting session, promoting Canada's exceptional presence as an Arts Nation - ramping up to the sesqui-centennial celebration in 2017.

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Inspired by "West Side Story", Something's Coming! pairs Canada's charismatic Superstars the National Ballet's Guillaume Cote and Stratford Festival's Paul Nolan in a contemporary interpretation celebrating optimism in the face of conflict. Something's Coming! is conceived and directed by Veronica Tennant and produced by Robert Budreau and Jordan Walker. Commissioned by bravoFACT and launched, December 2012, it was telecast on CBC, January 2013 and was screened theatrically by Cineplex in February 2013.

Michelle Levy, Post City Magazine, March 2014

Veronica Tennant & Co-Host “theZoomer”, Denise Donlon.

Graham Greene & Veronica Tennant appeared on
MEMORY segment “theZoomer”, Vision TV, Nov. 2013

Talking tutus: The National Ballet of Canada celebrates 60 years! - Elle Canada - The Elle Word

As a principal dancer, Veronica Tennant commanded everyone’s attention - but the much-loved former National Ballet of Canada ballerina couldn’t compete with the appalling acoustics at the Design Exchange earlier this week. Tennant - who was there to launch the opening of the 60 Years of Designing the Ballet exhibit - sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher: “Bwaah bwah bwah bwah bwaaah… design Bwah bwabwah bwah bwah bwah…. tutu.” I caught the odd word, but mostly my mind and eyes wandered until I noticed that Tennant was delivering her speech en pointe, which I found rather charming. “Once a dancer, always a dancer,” she said with a laugh, when I chatted with her later.

Full article:

At National Ballet’s Diamond Gala with Stratford Festival’s Geraint Wyn Davies
June 20, 2012

The CBC WE WANT; Friends of Canadian Broadcasting: A national conversation on the future direction of the CBC moderated by Veronica Tennant and distinguished panelists.

Watch the Forum held at the Knox Presbyterian Church in Waterloo, Ontario May31st, 2012:

Jim Byrd (Broadcasting consultant, VP CBC English Television, 1994-99)
Howard Dyck (Conductor, broadcaster, writer, lecturer)
Noreen Golfman (Film studies, Canadian literature, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Martin de Groot (Executive Director, Waterloo Regional Arts Council and The Record columnist)
Ethan Rabidoux (CJCS Radio Stratford, winner of the 2010 Dalton Camp Award)
Heather Sinclair (Inaugural CEO, Creative Enterprise Enabling Organization, Waterloo Region)
Don Tapscott (Chairman of Moxie Insight, leading authority on innovation and technology)
RH Thomson (Television, film and stage actor)
Aritha van Herk (Public intellectual, cultural speaker, award-winning Canadian novelist)
Catherine Cano (Political commentator, former senior executive in the News divisions of CBC, Radio-Canada & Al Jazeera English)

Dance Collection Danse
has posted the ninth installment of the Choreographic Dialogues series, curated by Carol Anderson. The website component of Choreographic Dialogues combines transcripts of each presentation combined with photographs and video clips. This edition features a conversation with filmmaker, choreographer, dancer Veronica Tennant. (

The NFB celebrates 60 years of The National Ballet of Canada: CELIA FRANCA: TOUR DE FORCE

February 21, 2012 – The National Film Board presents – A penetrating profile of the Founder of the National Ballet of Canada with some wonderful archival vintage film footage shot in the fifties during the early days of the National Ballet of Canada. Director, producer, writer and narrator Veronica Tennant was present for a Q & A session following the screening.


"An Artists' Affair 3"
– celebrating the Partnership of Arts and Health, a Fundraiser for the Al & Malka Green Artists' Health Centre at the Toronto Western Hospital and Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir, April 24th 2012 at the Carlu. (Veronica Tennant, Artistic Producer) – hosted by Veronica Tennant and Peter Keleghan and featuring, Molly Johnson, Judith Thompson, Robert Kortgaard and Peter Tiefenbach, and Anjelica and Roger Scannura.

Veronica Tennant receives Cultural Ambassador appointment from Mayor Bob Bratina, City of Hamilton – Dec. 9-11

Veronica Tennant was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and Special Appointment as Cultural Ambassador for the City of Hamilton from His Worship, Mayor Bob Bratina, onstage at Hamilton Place December 9th, 2011 prior to the Cuban Ballet’s & Canadian Youth Ballet Ensemble’s performance of The Nutcracker. The Citation read in part; "In gratitude for your distinguished service and outstanding contribution to the cultural identity of the City of Hamilton". Veronica Tennant read the opening passages from her book The Nutcracker, illustrated by Toller Cranston during the live orchestral overture. The Nutcracker performances were presented and sponsored by Belma Diamante, CEO & Past President of CYBE.

Vive La Danse 25! at the Imperial Room, Royal York Hotel October 26th, 2011 celebrating the Dancer Transition Resource Centre's 25th Anniversary – Director Veronica Tennant, Producer Peter Mak; Hosted by Sheila McCarthy & Geraint Wyn Davies – performances by Aleksandar Antonijevic, Guillaume Cote, Jason Fowler, Kate Hennig, Greta Hodgkinson, Robin Hutton, Laurence Lemieux & Juliette Coleman, John McDermott, Atri Nundy, Heather Ogden, Jackie Richardson, David Warrack, Dave Young and Gadfly Dance + featuring 13 Dancers' transitions into a wide range of careers including; Graphic Design, Masters of Education, Medicine, Stock Trading, Computer Programming, Development, Veterinary, and Ordained Minister.

Canada's Walk of Fame – Gala at Elgin Theatre, Toronto October 1st – Telecast on Global Television October 23rd 2011: For Insight Productions – Segment producer/director; 1) Tribute to: Mordecai Richler, Narrated and Presented by Christopher Plummer (video); and 2) Tribute to: Dr. Roberta Bondar – Narrated and Introduced by James Cameron (video)

Echappe Ballet Tours; Lectures and National Television appearances, Holguin Cuba Aug. 27 - Sept. 3. Conversations and screenings; History of Dance in Cuba plus Career Trajectories with Ballet Nacional Historian, Miguel Cabrera

A Magical Evening; A Tribute to Gerry & Tootsie Halbert – June 21, 2011 Koerner Hall: Celebrating the creation of the Gerry and Tootsie Halbert Chair in Neural Repair and Regeneration at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Toronto Western Hospital. Hosts/Chairs, Dr. Michael Baker and Leo Goldhar with Cynthia Dale, Shauna Rolston, Yuval Fichman, Moshe Hammer, Marc Jordan, Simon Rakoff, and Eric Stein & Beyond The Pale. [PDF article from Lifestyles Magazine]

"The Cinnamon Peeler" on Bravo!FACT's new show, In Short at 10:00 pm ET/7:00 pm PT, Wednesday May 18, 2011 on Bravo! – shorts will be available for viewing on

January, 2011: "The Cinnamon Peeler" the sensuous poem written and voiced by Michael Ondaatje, and directed and choreographed by Veronica Tennant as part of the award-winning Shadow Pleasures, was selected to be screened as part of a curated program of CTV's Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) shorts at the 2011 Dance On Camera Festival in New York. The program was a retrospective of the some of the most popular dance shorts produced with Bravo!FACT awards, honouring Bravo!FACT's 15th anniversary. The screenings took place throughout the festival in January at the The Big Screen Project, an innovative venue for video, film, live and interactive content that sets a new standard for the urban, cinematic experience. Its 30 x 16.5 ft. HD Format LED screen is on a wall in a 10,000-square-foot public plaza on Sixth Avenue New York City.

October, 2010: Mini-film tribute to Actor/Filmmaker, Sarah Polley – whose star was placed on the streets of Toronto, as one of the celebrated inductees of the 2010 Canada's Walk of Fame – Veronica Tennant (2001 inductee) created the mini film tribute on Sarah for the Global/Slice Tribute Award show at the Canon Theatre October 16th 2010 – aired on Global TV October 18th.

August 14th 2010: Brott Music Festival – The Famous Firebird & Other Legends Veronica Tennant retells the tale of the spectacular glowing Firebird by Igor Stravinsky 100 years after its premiere in Paris 1910, while dancers from the famed Ottawa School of Dance bring a new version of the legend to life. Saturday, August 14, 2010 Mohawk College McIntyre Theatre, Hamilton 7:30pm. –

February 8th 2010: Unique Lives at Roy Thomson Hall: Veronica Tennant led off the 2010 series followed by question and answer with CBC's Laurie Brown.

January, 2010: Havana, Cuban National Television: Veronica Tennant was invited to Havana by Cuban National Television to record a series of interviews to accompany shows she has both danced in, and produced and directed. These were aired in a series throughout 2010.

Lizt Alfonso and Veronica Tennant in Havana

Veronica Tennant, Lizt Alfonso & Dancers – Markham Theatre

Veronica Tennant was featured on Cuban National Television in 2010 on: La Danza Eterna (Canal Educativo) - 2 programs &
Bravo (Canal Cubavision) - 3 programs

ON STAGE, PLEASE, Art Installations by Art of Healing Foundation:


BC Children's Hospital, Vancouver BC, May 12, 2011 – Earl Pinchuk, Veronica Tennant, Margaret Trudeau & Gary Blair

June 2010: On Stage Please
– installation of illustrations by Rita Briansky in the new Sears for Cancer Clinic at Sick Kids Hospital with Art of Healing Foundation.

With SickKids Ambassador/patient, Helena Kirk, June 15th, 2010

Gary Blair and Earl Pinchuk, Founders and Directors of Art for Healing Foundation

The Art for Healing Foundation and Veronica Tennant unveiled a permanent installation of artwork from On Stage, Please. This special gallery was made possible thanks to the donation of fourteen etchings by the book's illustrator and renowned Canadian artist, Rita Briansky. The Art for Healing Foundation, founded in 2002 by Earl Pinchuk and Gary Blair, is dedicated to bringing the healing power of art to hospitals and related healthcare facilities to improve the welfare of those participating in the healing process both as healthcare givers and as patients. Since 2002, the Art for Healing Foundation has installed 4000 works of art in 41 institutions in Quebec, Ontario and Newfoundland.

The Sears Cancer Clinic at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, aims to make the hospital experience more comfortable for the 100 – 120 patients and their families who visit the clinic each day. The new Clinic, which opened in January 2010, features colourful decor, including original works of art by clinic patients and fun activities to keep children of all ages entertained. The Clinic offers a vibrant and friendly environment with more privacy, whether families are waiting for treatment, meeting with health-care providers or taking a quiet moment to reflect.

October, 2009: Janeway Children's Hospital, St. John's Newfoundland

October, 2008: Montreal Children's Hospital

Art for Healing Foundation photos by:
Earl Pinchuk and Gary Blair
Art for Healing Foundation / Fondation de l'art pour la guérison
90 rue Vinet St., Suite 105
Montreal (Quebec) H3J 2C9
(514) 846-3811

Art For Healing Foundation